Moana Live Action Film: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More

Key Takeaways

  • The live-action Moana movie is coming out on July 10, 2026.
  • Catherine Lagaaia will play Moana, and Dwayne Johnson will return as Maui.
  • The cast features Pacific Islander actors like John Tui, Frankie Adams, and Rena Owen, which helps make the film more authentic.
  • Aulii Cravalho, who was the original voice of Moana, is on board as a producer to keep things culturally accurate.
  • So far, they haven’t released a trailer for the live-action Moana movie.

Disney is developing a live-action version of Moana that will soon be released in theaters. This new version aims to showcase the rich culture of Polynesia with greater detail and realism.

The goal is to keep the original movie’s charm but add new layers to the story and characters, making everything feel more natural. They’re using the latest technology and have brought in experts to ensure they get the cultural details right. The film will look fantastic and hit you right in the feels, and with some of the original cast coming back, it’ll stay true to what fans loved about Moana in the first place.

Moana Live Action Film: Release Date

Moana Live Action Film Release Date

The live-action Moana movie is set to release on July 10, 2026. This date is right in the middle of summer, a perfect time for big movies to draw in crowds. Disney knows this timing could help Moana succeed just like their other summer hits.

Everyone who loved the original Moana and new viewers alike will find something to enjoy. The film promises excellent visuals and a deep dive into the culture it portrays.

Moana Live Action Film: Cast

Dwayne Johnson will be back as Maui, a character he’s really connected with, partly because it reflects his cultural background. Other actors like John Tui, Frankie Adams, and Rena Owen are on board too. They’re adding their own touch to the film, making it feel more genuine and rich.

Who is playing Moana?

Who is playing Moana

Catherine Lagaaia is set to play Moana in the new live-action version of the Disney movie. She’s a newcomer who brings much energy and authenticity to the role. Catherine, who’s from Sydney and has Pacific Islander roots, fits the character perfectly.

Disney wanted to be accurate and respectful of the culture Moana represents, and casting Catherine helps achieve that. People are excited about it, looking forward to seeing how she brings Moana to life. This choice shows Disney cares about representing the story and the Pacific Islands’ culture well.

Who else is involved in the film?

Catherine Lagaaia stars in the live-action remake of ‘Moana,’ with Dwayne Johnson returning as the demigod Maui. His charisma really shines in this role. The film also features John Tui, Frankie Adams, and Rena Owen, who help keep the story culturally grounded.

Dwayne Johnson returning as the demigod Maui

Aulii Cravalho, originally Moana, is now a producer. She makes sure the film stays true to its roots. The movie includes CGI characters like Heihei and Tamatoa, adding fun and memorable touches.

Moana Live Action Film: Trailer & Other News

Is there a trailer?

There’s no official trailer yet for the live-action Moana movie, but people are really looking forward to it, hoping it’ll be as magical as the animated original.

Disney hasn’t shared when it will release the trailer. To attract more people, they might schedule it with other big Disney movie releases or special events.

Even though there’s no trailer, fans are still excited. Everyone’s curious to see how the movie will show the rich Polynesian culture that made the original so special.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will the Live-Action Moana Address Environmental Themes?

The live-action version of Moana will focus on environmental themes, just like the original did. It will show Moana’s strong bond with nature and her efforts to fix ecological issues. This story taps into sustainability and the importance of respecting our environment.

What New Characters Can We Expect in the Live-Action Moana?

The live-action version of Moana is bringing some new faces to the mix. These characters will add more depth to the story, keeping true to the original movie’s spirit and cultural roots. Details about these new characters are still a secret.

Will the Live-Action Moana Feature Original Songs or New Compositions?

The live-action Moana will include songs from the original movie, plus some new ones. These new songs are meant to add more depth and enhance the cultural aspects of the story.

How Are the Underwater Scenes Being Filmed for the Moana Remake?

They’re using some cool tech to film the underwater scenes for the Moana remake. They have these special underwater rigs and many visual effects to make everything look natural and draw you into the world. It’s all about making the ocean scenes pop off the screen and feel like you’re with the characters.

Is There a Special Collaboration for Moana’s Costumes in the Live-Action Film?

For the costumes in the new Moana movie, they’re teaming up with expert designers who really know traditional Polynesian clothing. This way, they ensure everything looks natural and respects the culture they show in the story. It’s essential to get it right.


The live-action version of ‘Moana’ is set to be a big deal. It will have a cast that shows what Polynesian culture is all about. Experts and cultural advisors are helping make sure it’s spot-on. This movie isn’t just going to be fun to watch, it’ll also teach us a lot about Polynesian traditions and stories. Everyone’s really looking forward to it, and it shows that people crave movies with deep cultural roots.

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